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Property Owners Struggling to Clean Properties from the Coronavirus

By On April 18, 2020No Comments

There are now many schools, stores, and warehouses are closed down because someone has been reported to be infected with the coronavirus. After the building is closed down, a notice is put up that it is in the process of deep cleaning. Deep cleaning involves performing a thorough cleaning and disinfecting protocol the facility to reduce the risk of people getting sick with coronavirus. The following are 5 tips on cleaning property to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus disease.1. Use Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer
The easiest way to perform deep cleaning is to use a electrostatic disinfectant sprayer. The mist allow the disinfectant solutions to better adhere to the surfaces. The device is originally used in the agricultural industry to apply chemicals. Research shows that electrostatic sprayer is 8 times more effective than an uncharged sprayer.

2. Use Soap and Bleach
On the other hand, you can also use soap and water to disinfect the surfaces. The coronavirus is easy to destroy by household disinfectants such as regular antibacterial soap, isopropyl alcohol, diluted bleach and hydrogen peroxide. You only have to wipe the surfaces that are highly exposed, for example, door handles, and tabletops in a classroom. You can skip cleaning surfaces that are not touched often. However, maybe you are not sure which surfaces are often touched by the visitors. In this case, you should just clean all the surfaces.

3. Clean Dirty Surfaces Prior to Disinfecting
Dirty surfaces should be pre-cleaned prior to carrying out the disinfection protocol. In the disinfection protocol, you can spray the surfaces with household bleach that is diluted. Alternatively, you can use a cleaning liquid that contain at least 70% alcohol.

It is recommended to use one of the antimicrobial chemicals that is published at the EPA site as they have been proven to destroy germs that can spread respiratory illness. The disinfecting procedure will remove extra dirt on the surface. After it is disinfected, you must air dry the surface according to the instructions on the label. Disinfectant wipe should be disposed of after use.

4. Wear Full PPE Gear Prior to Cleaning
Cleaning workers should be completely encapsulated before entering into the building to perform the cleaning. Wearing a protective suit will protect you from getting infected because anything can happen. Full protective suits include two gloves, a full face respirator, and boot.

5. Keep HVAC Running
During cleaning, make sure you keep the HVAC running. If there is insufficient air circulation, it will be too humid and cause mold growth. After emptying the building, you can reprogram your HVAC system to match the occupancy. Ideally, the temperature in the building should be maintained between 55 – 80 degrees. To ensure your HVAC is running smoothly, make sure you clean the air ducts and use a high-efficiency filter.

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Tips For Choosing The Style Of Your Garage Door

By On October 14, 2015 Comments Off on Tips For Choosing The Style Of Your Garage Door

People don’t often think much about garage doors until it’s time to shop for them. What they usually discover is that there are many more options than they ever thought possible. Garage doors come in various styles and types of materials. You can customize the garage door that you want based on the color, size and exterior.

Several dealers of garage doors have interactive features on their websites that allow you to specify your desired options. As you select the options, you can see photos of your selections. You can continue this process until you are happy with the options chosen. It is a good idea to print out the designs that you chose for easy comparison.

Many of garage door dealers are now offering a carriage-house type design. This can really add some character to the look of your house and turns out to be very elegant. Other designs have more of a contemporary look such as metallic exteriors.

The price is going to depend on the features that you select. If you are configuring for a two car garage this is obviously going to cost more than it would for a one car garage. Another factor to consider is whether you want the doors to be insulated. If you plan on using your garage as a workspace and you live in an area with cold winters, you will likely choose this option.

Security is another concern for homeowners considering garage doors. It’s all over the news that thieves have been finding ingenious ways to hijack garage door codes. It pays to choose a product that blocks them from accessing these codes. Thieves are also capable of triggering the emergency release with something as simple as a wire coat hanger. In fact, there is a video showing how this can be done in about six seconds. Once triggered, the garage door can be manually opened. Most of the newer garage door companies have technologies that make it tougher for thieves to break in but it can’t hurt to check when shopping for yours.

There are products on the market that allow you to operate and monitor your garage door from your smart device. It can be operated remotely and you can check to see when the doors are being opened or closed.

A garage door can bring a needed lift to the look of your house. With a wide selection of choices available it will be easy to find one that fits your style as well as your budget.

Breaking Down The Best Gas Credit Cards For 2015

By On July 5, 2015 Comments Off on Breaking Down The Best Gas Credit Cards For 2015

Searching for the best gas and auto rewards credit cards in 2015? We reached out to David Gleason with the consumer finance portal at 2015 best credit cards to get some tips on finding the right cards in 2015 for maximizing auto and gas rewards points. With gas as expensive as it is today due to global supply and demand many credit card users are turning to gas rewards credit cards. These credit cards give you cash back when you purchase gas on your credit card, which helps to reduce the pain at the pump. These cards come either co-branded from a particular gas station or through a bank.

When selecting the right gas rewards card, you should focus on applying for the card that offers you the maximum value back. You want to aim for the maximum possible savings, remember every penny you get back reduces the cost of gas at the pump. Think of it as a rebate since you will get the cash back one billing cycle later. some gas stations offer these cards, but often times it is banks that offer the best returns as far as rewards go, also you often get additional perks with a bank backed gas rewards card. My best advice here when it comes to comparing gas rewards cards is to try and calculate the rewards based on how much you drive per year against what the credit card offers reward wise. If you do opt for a retailer backed gas rewards card, make sure that gas station has the best possible prices in the area. You should also take into account if the card comes with an annual fee or not, any annual fee will reduce the cards value to you.

Gas reward credit cards can offer you some tremendous savings annually on gasoline, yer there are a few things you need to take into account when selecting the right gas rewards card for you. If you opt for a retailer backed gas rewards card, that retailer might not offer the best prices in town. Gas rewards cards that are retailer based only work at that particular gas station chain. Generic bank backed gas rewards cards often give you the most freedom, the most perks and the highest value. Paying a higher price to earn rewards is rather pointless. You also need to pay attention to the fine print, for instance some cards only offer rewards for a limited amount of gallons per fill up, while other cards may have minimum purchase amounts per month before any rewards kick in.

Since these cards offer very little in the way of sign up bonuses you should probably only apply for and use one gas rewards credit card. Since you can simply pick out a favorite gas station there is no real need for multiple gas rewards cards, unlike airline or hotel reward cards where you might use multiple hotel chains or airlines. For these reasons you should stick to just one gas rewards credit card.

Here are some gas rewards cards that are bank issued:

U.S. Bank FlexPerks® Travel Rewards American Express® Card

This card offers 2x the rewards for not only gas but also airlines and grocery, so this card offers maximum value to you. it also offers double rewards on restaurants and cell phone expenses. it does have a $49 dollar annual fee after the first year. This card is running a nice sign up bonus of 20,000 points, provided that you spend $3,500 in Net Purchases within four months of opening the account.

Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards
This is the gas rewards card aimed at people with poor to bad credit. While it has an annual fee between $35 and $99 it is a credit card offered to people who many times could not obtain a credit card, and it does offer rewards when used at the pump. The interest rate varies between 17.9% – 23.90%. There is one card they offer with no annual fee provided that your credit rating is fair or higher.

Discover it® Chrome
This card requires excellent credit, and offers 2% cash back at gas stations & restaurants, and 1% everywhere else. Your interest rate will range between 10.99% to 22.99% depending on your credit score. Unlike many cards you can redeem your cash back at any time you want, with no restrictions on the amount. Also a big bonus with this card is that they will double your cash back at the end of the your first year which can really help you to maximize the value on this credit card.

How To Find Personal Loan Providers Working In South Carolina

By On July 2, 2015 Comments Off on How To Find Personal Loan Providers Working In South Carolina

Are you searching for a personal loan in South Carolina but beleaguered by the sheer amount of choices out there? Are you facing hordes of spam results in Google or Bing? Finding the right personal loan with the terms, APR and conditions that are best suited to your unique personal financial situation can be difficult. We have complied a list of some of the highest rated personal loan providers in South Carolina, breaking down the various things they offer. With our list you can find a reputable personal loan lender, with an APR and terms that best suit your financial needs. Here is our list of the top personal loan providers in South Carolina:

Regional Finance
Regional Finance has been serving residents of South Carolina for over a decade now. They feature smaller personal loans, up to $2500, enough to cover most peoples needs and emergencies such as a medical bill or an emergency repair. You do not need perfect credit to obtain a loan through Regional Finance. They also offer larger secured loans. They do require you to secure the loan with collateral is the only down side to this lender.


Upstart offers residents of South Carolina personal loans from amounts ranging from $3,000 10 $35,000 for any reason, provided that it is legal. They offer a easy streamlined online application. The available APRs start as low as 5.7 percent depending on your credit history and FICO score, but also your education and experience come into play with this lender. They do not judge you solely on your credit, they take into account the type of person you are based on your education and even your job history. It is a new concept in lending that just may well change lending as we know it today, should the trend catch on with other lenders. On average they offer rates 30% lower than other lenders. The application process is fairly fast, you can have your money as quickly as tomorrow. What is great is that they do not have any prepayment penalties, so if you prefer to knock out dent quickly this is the loan provider for you.
Vouch offers another unique personal loan option for residents of South Carolina. Your loan will have a co-signer, but you can opt to have more than one co-signer, the more “vouches” you add the lower your APR will be and the more money you can lend through vouch. Your loan rates from Vouch will range from 5% to 30%, depending not only on your credit score but also how many valid vouches you receive from family and friends. You must also meet their lending criteria, which you can find out easily if you qualify on their website.

Avant is another great personal loan option for residents of South Carolina. They have an amazing customer satisfaction rating with 9 out of 10 borrowers recommending them. You can borrow as much as $35,000 through Avant. The APR is higher, starting at 19% APR. They allow terms of up to 5 years to pay off the loan. You can check your available rates without harming your FICO score thanks to a soft inquiry instead of a hard credit pull. You can have your funds in as little as one day after filling out their easy online application. The only drawback is their APR can be on the high side.

Companies That Offer Web Design Not Based on WordPress

By On July 1, 2015 Comments Off on Companies That Offer Web Design Not Based on WordPress

You are not the sort of person to follow the herd. You are independent minded and not interested in following group-think. This is why you started your own business in the first place! You wanted to do things your way. This was why you did not just follow everybody else into using WordPress for your website; you wanted to make sure it fit with your vision of what the company’s website should be. After much research, you have decided not to use WordPress. This leaves you in a bit of a bind because most web developers recommend using this CMS over others, but you want something different. Fortunately, there are several fantastic developers out there who offer web design services but do not require the use of WordPress.

High Level Marketing

High Level Marketing offers a full range of web design and development services. They are experienced in the use of a wide variety of CMS platforms. They have even created their own custom CMS by drawing on years of experience building websites for startups and Fortune 1000 companies alike. If you are looking for WordPress alternatives from your web designer, Blue Fountain is an excellent option.


Maxburst is a web design firm based just outside of New York City. They make use of cutting edge technologies and techniques to provide a website that meets the standards your company demands. They offer design services using a wide array of CMS options. Their goal is to find a design that best fits the needs of your business and the objectives of your website.

Forix Web Design

Forix is another high-quality web design firm that can deliver quality content without demanding the use of WordPress. While they are willing to use both WordPress and Drupal, they offer an option to build a custom CMS. By going with the custom option, they will be able to provide you with a backend that will fit not only your needs but your technical skills. Those needing a custom option are advised to look into Forix.
There are many more web designers out there that offer design solutions on platforms other than WordPress. Nearly all web design firms offer the WordPress option of course, but the good ones will make use of whatever CMS works best for your needs. Research all of the options out there, and find the company that will work best for you.

Frigid Cold and Heavy Snowfall in Midwest

By On January 6, 2014 Comments Off on Frigid Cold and Heavy Snowfall in Midwest

It’s been decades since temperatures in the Midwest have dipped as low as they’re being forecast to do this week in the Midwest. Meteorologists report that the cold snap that is hitting the Midwest is being blamed on a “polar vortex” which is caused by a counterclockwise-rotating pool of frigid cold air coming out of the North Pole. A short-term yet very serious deep freeze is expected to start in many areas Monday and forecasters say that all the right elements are in place for a record-breaking outbreak of cold weather. The cold weather will leave a path of damage and destruction and likely will cause millions of dollars in property damages, auto accidents, and missed time from school and work.

Some of the weather predictions are shocking. It may be as cold as -25 in places like Fargo, North Dakota on Monday, -32 in International Falls, Minnesota and -15 in Chicago, Cincinnati and Detroit. When temperatures plunge that low, unprotected skin can get frostbite in just 5 minutes, making going outdoors extremely dangerous and even life-threatening. Officials in numerous states are urging caution during the extreme cold weather.

Due to the frigidly cold temperatures, all of Minnesota’s K-12 public schools are closed on Monday. Thus far, northern Minnesota is experiencing the coldest temperatures in that state but forecasters say that even St. Paul and Minneapolis will have highs Monday that are around -14 by mid-afternoon. And, with expected wind gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour, it will feel as though it’s -40 to -55 degrees below zero. This is why a large number of college campuses, businesses and even ski resorts in Minnesota will be closed down as it will simply be too dangerous to be outside.

The coldest air mass since 1996 that’s moving into the Midwest will remain in place into Tuesday. In Indiana, the National Guard was called out Sunday night to assist stranded motorists. The Dept. of Transportation in that state announced an emergency closure of both east and westbound lanes of I-94 between the Illinois state line and the US 421 exit at Michigan City due to extreme weather which includes very heavy, blowing snow. Officials in Indiana are warning that all other roads and highways in the state are extremely hazardous. Most counties in Indiana have declared red travel warnings which means people should only venture out on the roads in emergency situations.

In Michigan, governor Rick Snyder urged residents Sunday night to exercise great caution as dangerous winter weather is sweeping across the Great Lakes State. Heavy snowfall, high winds and sub-zero temperatures will make travel very hazardous across most of the state. The National Weather Service says that up to a foot of new snow may come down in portions of lower Michigan along with high winds and extreme cold. The heaviest snow will fall Sunday night wherein the temperatures will quickly plunge to near-record or historic lows. Contributions to this story came from the flood damage cleanup team from Michigan Flood Cleanup Service a leading disaster recovery firm helping property owners recover from the historical freezing and the burst and broken pipe water damage that has occured as a result.

Colorado Residents Struggle with Massive Deadly Flooding

By On September 12, 2013 Comments Off on Colorado Residents Struggle with Massive Deadly Flooding

Over six inches of rain came down in Boulder County, Colorado overnight Wednesday, triggering rock slides and causing flooding. Unfortunately, two people have lost their lives. One person was tapped in a building that collapsed and the other person was recovered by a heavy rescue team in a yet-to-be-disclosed incident. There were numerous building collapses in Boulder County after the nearly seven inches of rainfall that deluged this part of the Centennial State.

There was some flood damage at the University of Colorado in Boulder where hundreds of students and faculty members had to be evacuated from housing units near the Boulder Creek that overflowed its banks. The National Weather Service called the situation in Boulder County “life-threatening” early Thursday as there has been very significant flooding of many creeks, streams and roadways.

A flash flood emergency was issued for Boulder County early Thursday as well as for parts of northern Jefferson County. The emergency was issued just after midnight Wednesday night after numerous reports flooded in of structure damage as a result of the heavy rain is and mudslides that were taking place. Residents of Fourmile Canyon were told they must evacuate their homes just before 12 am Thursday. In Boulder, officials warned residents living in low-lying areas to had to high ground as there was a very serious threat of severe flooding.

Before 7am Thursday, reports started coming in of people trapped in vehicles along Hwy. 93 in northeast Jefferson County. Meanwhile, it was also reported early Thursday that a series of four dams in the Big Elk Meadows area all over-topped with one actually breaking. Residents in several homes there are reported to be trapped due to floodwaters. A spokesman for the Sheriff’s Dept. in Larimer county said that his county was requesting help from National Guard helicopters to fly over to save the stranded residents but that inclement weather put dampers on that plan.

Roadways in some parts of Boulder County had over a foot of standing water on them early Thursday, prompting officials to warn commuters to either stay home or to find alternate, safe routes. Entire homes were washed away near Boulder, CO while other homes had water as high as the first floor windows. Dive teams were called into action in Boulder after several vehicles were seen floating in floodwater as well as a massive surge for the need of repair and restoration contractors in the region.

Spring Storms Cause Wind Damage in Florida Georgia

By On March 27, 2013 Comments Off on Spring Storms Cause Wind Damage in Florida Georgia

People living in Central Florida and northern Georgia were dealing with strong winds that accompanied a line of severe thunderstorms that moved into the area over the weekend. In addition to driving rainfall and quarter-sized hail, winds gusted as high as 86 miles per hour were recorded in some areas, causing widespread damage.

A complex storm system sparked severe thunderstorms Palm Sunday weekend across central Florida including Orlando and Tampa. There were close to 100 reports of damaging wind and hail this weekend from the Dallas, Texas area to Jacksonville, Florida. There was a report received mid-afternoon Sunday of winds gusting to 86 miles per hour at the Orlando International Airport when a violent thunderstorm and possible tornado ripped through the area. There were numerous reports pouring in of downed trees and power lines coming from residents of Florida’s mid-section. There were even reports of 100+ year old cypress trees being downed by the strong winds.

The storms dumped nearly 2 inches of rain on central Florida, causing small ponds to form in open fields and on private property. In Dade City, FL, the severe weather knocked down several large trees at the Wild Things animal park, damaging some cages. Companies that provide restoration services were fielding hundreds of calls to assist property owners with roof tarps and emergency repairs. The zoo was forced to close as a result as work crews were brought in to repair damages done to fencing and cage enclosures.

Rain, hail and heavy winds also slammed parts of Georgia over the weekend, resulting in widespread damage which included downed trees & power lines and isolated incidents of flooding. Winds in excess of 40 miles per hour blew across much of Georgia Sunday resulting in numerous downed limbs and trees that fell on roadways, cars and homes. The National Weather Service had a wind advisory in effect for much of Georgia Sunday ahead of the storm that marched into the region.

There were numerous reports of storm damage across the Atlanta, GA area Sunday. A traffic light at a major Atlanta intersection came crashing to the ground as a result of the high winds. The weekend’s downpours soaked the ground across metropolitan Atlanta and were blamed for a large tree that crashed into an apartment complex in Midtown.

Residents of Twin Cities Bracing for Cold Weather

By On January 21, 2013 Comments Off on Residents of Twin Cities Bracing for Cold Weather

Old Man Winter is poised to bite residents of Minnesota’s Twin Cities area. While people living in the state of Minnesota are no strangers to cold weather, it’s been three years since the southern portion of the state including the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have seen temperatures not reaching above 0 for daytime highs.

This past week was a busy one for southern Minnesota plumbers as many calls came in about frozen pipes. Now is the time of the year to remind people that they should leave their faucets dripping overnight and to insulate pipes to prevent freezups. Some of the people who needed professional help in unfreezing their pipes had left their homes unattended and returned in a few days to find frozen pipes.

The average mid-January day in Minnesota is very pleasant with blue skies and temperatures around 25 to 30 degrees. However, weather officials are telling Minnesotans to be ready for some extreme cold as an arctic cold front is moving into their state. The blast of frigid cold air is being accompanied by strong winds of between 40 and 55 miles pre hour which will create wind chills of -20 to -30 in most of Minnesota as well as western Wisconsin. Now that’s cold!

While the winds will calm down a bit after the weekend, the cold weather is sticking around. The high Sunday in the Twin Cities area will be around 0 and the lows Monday and Tuesday will be around -6 with wind chills being up to -40 below zero. Travelers are being warned to proceed with extreme caution as roadway visibility is dramatically reduced when it’s that windy, plus freezing cold temperatures can cause problems with vehicles.

On Friday, Twin Cities residents enjoyed spring-like weather as temperatures during the day wear around 40 degrees. But when it’s time for everyone to return to work on Monday, they’ll need to be wearing a lot more clothing as the mercury levels won’t even climb to the 0 mark on thermometers. The arctic cold front that’s responsible for the frigid weather will begin building in the region Sunday to push Sunday’s, Monday’s and Tuesday’s temperatures way below what’s normal.

The Dark Side of the Fiscal cliff deal

By On January 8, 2013 Comments Off on The Dark Side of the Fiscal cliff deal

The US government under the debt ceiling law can only incur a debt of up to $16.39 trillion and considering that the Treasury is expected to hit this capacity at some point in 2013, it means that economic performance needs to be reexamined. There are fears by economic analysts that any protracted debate on debt limit or ceiling could cause troubles such as those witnessed in debt battle in 2011 summer.

The debt battle witnessed in summer 2012 flustered financial markets, something that increased the Treasury borrowing by $1.3 billion for the fiscal year 2011. Whereas there are positive features and expectations of the fiscal cliff law, there is the dark side of the bill. The bill will save the low and middle-income earners from taxation hikes meaning that this population, which is feeling the hitch of aftermath of economic recession, has been saved from increase in taxation.

The fiscal cliff bill seems to target wealthier class and it has been cited to affect the US economic performance in various ways. Although personal income tax has been spared for the low and middle class citizens, the payroll taxes will have to go up for event American worker.

The fiscal cliff law allows the 2 percent payroll tax cut to expire meaning that it will switch from 4.2 to 6.2 percent. An average household who earns $50,000 annually will have to part with more than $1000 annually in payroll taxes. What this means is that US consumers will be deprived more than $115 billion, which could have featured as disposal income for spending in the year 2013.

In addition, this bill did not touch major issues on the Obama healthcare tax legislation, which is said to affect the middle class. However, considering that the middle class has been given a relief in this law especially on income taxation, the healthcare tax legislation may not be a thorny issue.

High-income earners will have the bear the burden as income tax rates will increase. This is expected to hurt many small business especially those that stream in an income of more than $400,000 annually. There may be many changes in small businesses and it is projected that redundancies may be witnessed as some in some of these businesses they try to cut down costs that have been brought about by the increased taxation.

Although the top income tax rate is expected to move from 35 to 39.6 percent, this figure may even be higher because if other federal and state taxes are factored in, the top margin will increase and could even hit 50 percent for some businesses. Worse still, there is an also undesirable expectation on the US national debt, which is set to increase by 4 trillion dollars within the next decade.

The passing of fiscal cliff bill may not have examined the spending cuts in depth. There are hardly any spending cuts in this bill and analysts have calculated a 41 to 1 ratio of tax increase to spending cuts in the bill. This means that the bill could have concentrated more on tax increases compared to cutting spending. In addition, the debt ceiling is expected to bring trouble to the US government considering that as per the law, the government cannot surpass the set $16.39 trillion figure.

It is projected that in 2013, Treasury may hit this figure and if there would have been no changes in the law, it means that the government may not be able to borrow when the figure is reached. The fiscal cliff deal is thought to increase borrowing by the US government, something that will have impact on the economic performance. The battle over debt ceiling will have to be fought by the Congress. Contributions to this article were provided by the editorial team at internet loan guide a leading consumer driven website that helps borrowers make informed financial decisions and helps provide editorial analysis and writing for a variety of topics in the credit cards, finance, personal loan and mortgage industry. The battle for the fiscal cliff may be over, but the war on the debt ceiling is likely just begining.

Major Hurricane Sandy Bears Down On The East Coast Of The US

By On October 28, 2012 Comments Off on Major Hurricane Sandy Bears Down On The East Coast Of The US

Hurricane Sandy is unlike most hurricanes that the United States has seen in recent years due to one fact. Hurricane Sandys projected path has it projected to make land fall in the upper northeast of the United States. Parts of States such as New York are not used to seeing or dealing with hurricanes. The nations top weather officials are now saying the chance is now at 90 percent that Hurricane sandy will likely slam into the east coast. Government and emergency management officials from West Virgina to Maine are now outlying plans for what is being called one monster of a storm with winds clocking 75 miles per hour, making it a category 1 hurricane. It is bad enough that states not used to hurricanes will possibly be experiencing one, but a category 1 hurricane is rough to deal with.

Hurricane Sandy is such a massive storm, that its projected impact will be felt for hundreds of miles across the Northeast starting as early as Sunday. It is projected to produce up to two feet of snow in the mountains of West Virgina, as well as inland flooding, coastal surges and high winds. The storm’s track could shift 100 to 200 miles in either direction. People in low lying areas may need to be prepared to evacuate, especially those int he Northeast along any lakes or rivers. One this is certain however, and that is Hurricane sandy is a tropical storm which is moving west instead of east, meanwhile at the same time is a winter storm, which is moving in from the Midwest during a full moon. The full moon affects tides, and is adding concern about the size of the surge along the East coast. More than 10 inches of rain could fall in some areas of the Hurricanes projected path. There is a huge possibility of property damage and loss of life due to this storm. As of the time of this writing at least 30 people are dead in the Caribbean due to Hurricane Sandy.

The high winds of hurricane sandy are expected to topple trees and tear down power lines well before the storm is projected to make landfall on Monday or Tuesday. Government officials, emergency management officials, and utility companies are urging people to prepare for widespread power failures. These power outages could last more than one week in affected areas. Government officials and emergency management officials across the north east are urging people to have a plan of action in case of wide spread power outages, and to prepare for the worst. Pepco a utility company serving Washington, D.C. and Maryland, which was criticized last year for leaving customers without power for more than a week after a storm, made calls to clients to remind people to prepare for the worst. A spokesman for First Energy Corporation of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland stated that Hurricane Sandy “has the potential to cause significant damage to the electrical system in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland, which could result in power outages lasting up to seven to 10 days.” Sales of portable electric generators are up all across the Northeast.