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Colorado Residents Struggle with Massive Deadly Flooding

By On September 12, 2013 Under Uncategorized

Over six inches of rain came down in Boulder County, Colorado overnight Wednesday, triggering rock slides and causing flooding. Unfortunately, two people have lost their lives. One person was tapped in a building that collapsed and the other person was recovered by a heavy rescue team in a yet-to-be-disclosed incident. There were numerous building collapses in Boulder County after the nearly seven inches of rainfall that deluged this part of the Centennial State.

There was some flood damage at the University of Colorado in Boulder where hundreds of students and faculty members had to be evacuated from housing units near the Boulder Creek that overflowed its banks. The National Weather Service called the situation in Boulder County “life-threatening” early Thursday as there has been very significant flooding of many creeks, streams and roadways.

A flash flood emergency was issued for Boulder County early Thursday as well as for parts of northern Jefferson County. The emergency was issued just after midnight Wednesday night after numerous reports flooded in of structure damage as a result of the heavy rain is and mudslides that were taking place. Residents of Fourmile Canyon were told they must evacuate their homes just before 12 am Thursday. In Boulder, officials warned residents living in low-lying areas to had to high ground as there was a very serious threat of severe flooding.

Before 7am Thursday, reports started coming in of people trapped in vehicles along Hwy. 93 in northeast Jefferson County. Meanwhile, it was also reported early Thursday that a series of four dams in the Big Elk Meadows area all over-topped with one actually breaking. Residents in several homes there are reported to be trapped due to floodwaters. A spokesman for the Sheriff’s Dept. in Larimer county said that his county was requesting help from National Guard helicopters to fly over to save the stranded residents but that inclement weather put dampers on that plan.

Roadways in some parts of Boulder County had over a foot of standing water on them early Thursday, prompting officials to warn commuters to either stay home or to find alternate, safe routes. Entire homes were washed away near Boulder, CO while other homes had water as high as the first floor windows. Dive teams were called into action in Boulder after several vehicles were seen floating in floodwater as well as a massive surge for the need of repair and restoration contractors in the region.

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