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Companies That Offer Web Design Not Based on WordPress

By On July 1, 2015 Under Uncategorized

You are not the sort of person to follow the herd. You are independent minded and not interested in following group-think. This is why you started your own business in the first place! You wanted to do things your way. This was why you did not just follow everybody else into using WordPress for your website; you wanted to make sure it fit with your vision of what the company’s website should be. After much research, you have decided not to use WordPress. This leaves you in a bit of a bind because most web developers recommend using this CMS over others, but you want something different. Fortunately, there are several fantastic developers out there who offer web design services but do not require the use of WordPress.

High Level Marketing

High Level Marketing offers a full range of web design and development services. They are experienced in the use of a wide variety of CMS platforms. They have even created their own custom CMS by drawing on years of experience building websites for startups and Fortune 1000 companies alike. If you are looking for WordPress alternatives from your web designer, Blue Fountain is an excellent option.


Maxburst is a web design firm based just outside of New York City. They make use of cutting edge technologies and techniques to provide a website that meets the standards your company demands. They offer design services using a wide array of CMS options. Their goal is to find a design that best fits the needs of your business and the objectives of your website.

Forix Web Design

Forix is another high-quality web design firm that can deliver quality content without demanding the use of WordPress. While they are willing to use both WordPress and Drupal, they offer an option to build a custom CMS. By going with the custom option, they will be able to provide you with a backend that will fit not only your needs but your technical skills. Those needing a custom option are advised to look into Forix.
There are many more web designers out there that offer design solutions on platforms other than WordPress. Nearly all web design firms offer the WordPress option of course, but the good ones will make use of whatever CMS works best for your needs. Research all of the options out there, and find the company that will work best for you.

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