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Frigid Cold and Heavy Snowfall in Midwest

By On January 6, 2014 Under Uncategorized

It’s been decades since temperatures in the Midwest have dipped as low as they’re being forecast to do this week in the Midwest. Meteorologists report that the cold snap that is hitting the Midwest is being blamed on a “polar vortex” which is caused by a counterclockwise-rotating pool of frigid cold air coming out of the North Pole. A short-term yet very serious deep freeze is expected to start in many areas Monday and forecasters say that all the right elements are in place for a record-breaking outbreak of cold weather. The cold weather will leave a path of damage and destruction and likely will cause millions of dollars in property damages, auto accidents, and missed time from school and work.

Some of the weather predictions are shocking. It may be as cold as -25 in places like Fargo, North Dakota on Monday, -32 in International Falls, Minnesota and -15 in Chicago, Cincinnati and Detroit. When temperatures plunge that low, unprotected skin can get frostbite in just 5 minutes, making going outdoors extremely dangerous and even life-threatening. Officials in numerous states are urging caution during the extreme cold weather.

Due to the frigidly cold temperatures, all of Minnesota’s K-12 public schools are closed on Monday. Thus far, northern Minnesota is experiencing the coldest temperatures in that state but forecasters say that even St. Paul and Minneapolis will have highs Monday that are around -14 by mid-afternoon. And, with expected wind gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour, it will feel as though it’s -40 to -55 degrees below zero. This is why a large number of college campuses, businesses and even ski resorts in Minnesota will be closed down as it will simply be too dangerous to be outside.

The coldest air mass since 1996 that’s moving into the Midwest will remain in place into Tuesday. In Indiana, the National Guard was called out Sunday night to assist stranded motorists. The Dept. of Transportation in that state announced an emergency closure of both east and westbound lanes of I-94 between the Illinois state line and the US 421 exit at Michigan City due to extreme weather which includes very heavy, blowing snow. Officials in Indiana are warning that all other roads and highways in the state are extremely hazardous. Most counties in Indiana have declared red travel warnings which means people should only venture out on the roads in emergency situations.

In Michigan, governor Rick Snyder urged residents Sunday night to exercise great caution as dangerous winter weather is sweeping across the Great Lakes State. Heavy snowfall, high winds and sub-zero temperatures will make travel very hazardous across most of the state. The National Weather Service says that up to a foot of new snow may come down in portions of lower Michigan along with high winds and extreme cold. The heaviest snow will fall Sunday night wherein the temperatures will quickly plunge to near-record or historic lows. Contributions to this story came from the flood damage cleanup team from Michigan Flood Cleanup Service a leading disaster recovery firm helping property owners recover from the historical freezing and the burst and broken pipe water damage that has occured as a result.

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