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Major Hurricane Sandy Bears Down On The East Coast Of The US

By On October 28, 2012 Under Uncategorized

Hurricane Sandy is unlike most hurricanes that the United States has seen in recent years due to one fact. Hurricane Sandys projected path has it projected to make land fall in the upper northeast of the United States. Parts of States such as New York are not used to seeing or dealing with hurricanes. The nations top weather officials are now saying the chance is now at 90 percent that Hurricane sandy will likely slam into the east coast. Government and emergency management officials from West Virgina to Maine are now outlying plans for what is being called one monster of a storm with winds clocking 75 miles per hour, making it a category 1 hurricane. It is bad enough that states not used to hurricanes will possibly be experiencing one, but a category 1 hurricane is rough to deal with.

Hurricane Sandy is such a massive storm, that its projected impact will be felt for hundreds of miles across the Northeast starting as early as Sunday. It is projected to produce up to two feet of snow in the mountains of West Virgina, as well as inland flooding, coastal surges and high winds. The storm’s track could shift 100 to 200 miles in either direction. People in low lying areas may need to be prepared to evacuate, especially those int he Northeast along any lakes or rivers. One this is certain however, and that is Hurricane sandy is a tropical storm which is moving west instead of east, meanwhile at the same time is a winter storm, which is moving in from the Midwest during a full moon. The full moon affects tides, and is adding concern about the size of the surge along the East coast. More than 10 inches of rain could fall in some areas of the Hurricanes projected path. There is a huge possibility of property damage and loss of life due to this storm. As of the time of this writing at least 30 people are dead in the Caribbean due to Hurricane Sandy.

The high winds of hurricane sandy are expected to topple trees and tear down power lines well before the storm is projected to make landfall on Monday or Tuesday. Government officials, emergency management officials, and utility companies are urging people to prepare for widespread power failures. These power outages could last more than one week in affected areas. Government officials and emergency management officials across the north east are urging people to have a plan of action in case of wide spread power outages, and to prepare for the worst. Pepco a utility company serving Washington, D.C. and Maryland, which was criticized last year for leaving customers without power for more than a week after a storm, made calls to clients to remind people to prepare for the worst. A spokesman for First Energy Corporation of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland stated that Hurricane Sandy “has the potential to cause significant damage to the electrical system in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland, which could result in power outages lasting up to seven to 10 days.” Sales of portable electric generators are up all across the Northeast.

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