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Tropical Storm Isaac Dumps Heavy Rains on Puerto Rico – Worries US

By On August 25, 2012 Under Uncategorized

Tropical storm Isaac did what expected – it moved toward the Dominican Republic and Haiti yesterday, posing a real threat of becoming a hurricane that could hit the state of Florida next week. Isaac dumped heavy rainfall across portions of Puerto Rico Thursday and created very high waves of over nine feet in the Caribbean as it moved into the area.

The tropical storm could very possibly be a hurricane on Friday as it is gaining momentum on its eastwardly path. While most models have it headed directly toward the Sunshine State, some forecasters are saying that Isaac could swing further west and end up in the Gulf of Mexico so it remains to be seen which path the system will take. The forecast for this storm will likely change several times over the next 48 hours as all tropical storm forecasts do – especially at the stage Isaac is in now. That is why people in Florida should not take their guard down because the system could very well hit the Tampa area if it does remains on its current track.

While Isaac is still a tropical storm, forecasters think that it will hurricane strength before hitting Hispaniola and Cuba and then if forecasters are right the system will return to tropical storm status. There are mountains on those islands which will interfere with the center of the system as it passes over, weakening the storm’s development. The big question following this is whether or not Isaac can gain strength once again and become a hurricane before making landfall or passing by Florida.

Residents all throughout the south, from Mobile Alabama to Tallahassee Florida are keeping a keen eye on Isaac as it churns closer to the US. Workers in Albany, GA are organizing to be out Friday to clear drains and make other preparations to minimize any impact Isaac many have. Holding ponds are being pumped down as there is a good probability that the system will dump a lot of rain on the city and surrounding area. Albany is currently about one foot below its average rainfall so some rain is very welcomed there. If Issac does strike Albany, it probably will not be as bad as Alberto was in 1994 which dumped two feet of rain.

Isaac is the 9th named storm of the 2012 hurricane season. We are now approaching the mid-point of the 2012 season which is when tropical storm activity really heats up in the Atlantic. Isaac is already making national news headlines and as the hours pass, the likelihood of Isaac veering away from Florida drops. This is a storm that needs to be monitored very closely and those living in southern Florida and along the coast of Georgia should be on their toes and taking precautions for possible hurricane conditions by late Sunday or Monday.

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